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"Beyond The Limits"
August 4-6, 2016

Our Mission

The purpose of the Association for the Improvement of Minorities is to educate and develop our members to their fullest career and personal potential, and instill in them the highest degree of confidence in their abilities; in a manner that is free from negative influence and discriminatory policies and practices. To achieve that purpose, we will:

A. Educate and Counsel our members as to opportunities for career and personal advancement;
B. Foster Equal Employment Opportunity;
C. Provide a Self-Help Network to further the general welfare of our members;
D. Promote local and community wide services that assist individuals seeking career and educational support;
E. Cooperate with all government agencies and other organizations in taking lawful actions to ensure the removal of discriminatory policies and practices.

2016 - Changing things a bit

For 2016, we have changed up things a bit. We have restructured the ABMTS in the following ways.

In odd years, we will continue to have the ABMTS as we have always done. We will continue to have our business meeting, workshops, networking event, gala, inter-faith, etc.

In the even years, we will have our business meeting and leadership and organizational trainings. We will not have the additional events as mentioned above.

In 2016, we will convene in Atlanta, GA for the business meeting and leadership training on August 5-6.

We as an organization continuously strive to capitalize on the wealth of knowledge and experience across the country. Below are the forms needed for...

Workshop Synopsis
Conference Schedule     

47th ABMTS

HEAR YE!! HEAR YE!! We have heard you and have responded. The registration for this year's ABMTS is only $75. With the modified conference, the registration has been modified also.

Remember, this year we will be electing our new leadership (National President & National Sr. Vice President)


2016 ABMTS Registration
*All items include a 2.5% Paypal processing fee (rounded to the next dollar)

Hotel is Fully Booked!

Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway

Rate: $99/night
Rate Availability: Aug 3-7, 2016
Last day to book: July 14, 2016

Conference Schedule At-A-Glance    
August 4: Thursday
   1p - 6p   Registration (Coat Room)
                Natl Board Meeting (Gulfstream)
   6p - 8p   Meet the Candidates Reception
                      (Salon B & C)
August 5: Friday
     7a - 4p     Registration (Coat Room)
7:45a - 8:45a Delegate Credentialing
     9a - 6p      Annual Business Mtg/National
                           Elections (Gulfstream)

August 6: Saturday
     1p - 6p        Registration (Coat Room)
8:30a - 9:45a   Workshop 1 (Gulfstream)
9:45a - 11:15a Workshop 2 (Gulfstream)
12p - 2:45p   Luncheon (Gulfstream)
                       Natl Awards
                       Natl Officer Inauguration
3p - 4:30p  
 Plenary Session (Gulfstream)